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Email and Domain Switch Done

Looks like we had a few bugs to iron our during the week, but it looks like our transfer of domain registrar and email hosting provider has finally been sorted out and it’s all working great now.

Had a small hiccup with the email transfer which meant we did not get any emails sent from probably Monday morning till Thursday afternoon. Probably not the best week to be having a problem like that but then there is never really a good time to switch stuff like that.

So if you did sent AusClicks an email or contact form in the last few days – unfortunately we didn’t get it and probably won’t. Sometimes these issues sort themselves out and you get a backlog of emails that have been waiting – but not this time I think. If you could be so kind as to accept our apologies and please resend your inquiry. No – unfortunately you won’t have received a bounce back or something before – it just completely disappeared.

Putting together a new hosting package is never easy, and usually once you find something that works you stick with it. I had the same host for probably 8 years until recently and was pretty happy. It has to get bad to get past your inertia to move – and in May it got bad. Even then it’s taken 6 months of investigating and planning to make our moves. Many hosts and domain registrars were tested and while often promising, failed one way or another soon after. It’s amazing how different post sales support can be to pre sales help. That’s another story.

Even so I found a great solution and have been testing it for about 6 weeks and couldn’t be happier. Unfortunately I forgot my own AusClicks setup is a little different to most and so, well we didn’t get emails for 3 days. But all sorted now and no problems for the next one – lessons learnt.



Halfway there with domain switch

OK, so far so good with out domain registrar switch. Now for the fun bit.

So far the switch to Hover has been pretty smooth sailing – same as out other 50+ transfers we have done in the last month or so.

But AusClicks is a little different. Our website is hosted on a WordPress MU Network install (one WordPress, many sites), but our email has been hosted by NetRegistry for about two years.

It was back in around May this year we started having real issues with our emails – and old registrar and host in general. So I have been looking for a good solid alternative since, 3 or 4 attempts later, I’m very happy with the new setup and pretty excited for what we can do next year and beyond.

But still, we need to do one last switch – either it will be as smooth as everything else – or I will be a little ball of stress at the Dubbo Chamber Breakfast tomorrow morning out at Lazy River.

See you there !!

PS – if you find our email borked. Call, contact us on AusClicks Twtter or use

Email might be a bit wonky this week.


Just letting you know our email (and even website) might be a bit wonky this week.

We are switching over to our newish domain registrars and hosting this week, and so the usual problems with such things might pop up.

Hopefully everything will be back to business as usual asap, and then we can start chatting about some of the exciting things we have been planning for 2014.


See you on the other side.



Michael & AusClicks speaking at Dubbo Chamber Breakfast

Michael Quinn (from AusClicks Dubbo) will be speaking about using Google AdWords in Your Business at the Dubbo Chamber Time To Network Breakfast, this coming Wednesday, May 1.

Google Adwords can work for all types of business – big and small. See how to get qualified traffic and leads coming to your website when customers are looking to buy your product or service.

People spend more time on the internet everyday – computers, smart phones, and now tablets. Advertise where they are!

What’s the difference between SEO, PPC and Local Listings? Search Network or Display Network? Find out on Wednesday.

Michael will give a quick overview of the latest changes including Ad Extensions, Dynamic Ads, new changes in Trademark rules, plus the all new Enhanced Campaigns starting soon.

Join Michael at the Outlook Cafe this Wednesday, 7am for a 7:30am start.

Michael Quinn & AusClicks are a Google AdWords Certified Partner.

For bookings and more details, head to the Dubbo Chamber website.

Thanks to Orana Mutual for sponsoring the breakfast.