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2012 Mobile Year in Review

This year, mobile tech and wireless innovation stole the spotlight. Take a look back at some of the most remarkable moments in Mobile Future’s 2012 Mobile Year in Review video.

Some highlights:

– More than half of Americans now own smartphones.
– At 31 million tweets, the American election was the most Tweeted event in history.
– This Thanksgiving, Instagramers shared a record 10 million photos.
– Apple sold more mobile devices this year than they’ve sold computers ever.
– Mobile data usage doubled in 2012 and over 50% of all mobile data is video.
– The U.S. leads the world in next-generation mobile.
– NASA’s Mars Rover checked-in on Foursquare from Mars.

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Google’s New Privacy Policy


You could be clever and say “this policy means there is no privacy”, but it’s really just spelling out clearly what Google have been doing for a couple of years.

Basically they are watching what you do, and then trying to provide you with a better internet experience from their point of view.

If this kind of thing spooks you, enable Private Browsing on your web browser, should do the trick. Personally I like the customisation features – I get frustrated more when things like this don’t learn from what I do.

What do you think?

Dubbo +1 – It’s a girl

Michael and Fiona are very happy to announce the arrival of Juliet Ava Quinn, born 7:08pm, 16th of January. 3.6 kg and 48 cm.

All happy and well.

Thanks to the great team at Dubbo Base Hospital who cared for us all day, and Glenis who looked after one very excited to-be sister all day too.

All home safe and now learning to juggle.

Whoops… emailed borked in early Jan.

Looks like our switch to the new website wasn’t as smooth as it seemed.

Part of the switch involved using a new setup for email and instead using NetRegistry for our email hosting. The initial testing was fine, but when we switched the new site on, the whole DNS / parking / mishmash got mixed up and basically our email was mostly broken for about 3 weeks.

I say “mostly broken” because it was one of those wonderful IT problems where it works OK for you, but broken for others. We were getting some messages, but obviously not others. That combined with the quiet Xmas period and we didn’t really notice the lack of emails arriving.

That and waiting for baby #2 to arrive kept me more than enough distracted to not think about email much.

But one of our clients alerted us to the problem last week and the guys from NetRegistry were great in fixing things asap. To keep things interesting I somehow twisted my back on Wednesday morning so I’ve been in bed the last 5 days recovering and not been able to do any work.

All better this morning – my back and email.

Ironic that we are trying this new setup to avoid email hosting problems from the past. But the idea is solid and if anything, this mistake has actually led to a better way of doing things again.

Unfortunately if you sent any email either directly or via our new contact form from January 1 to about January 18 – we didn’t get it. I’ve tried recovering things this morning – but seems it’s lost. I will be trying to manually contact a few people we know we missed communicating with over the last couple of weeks, but obviously we will miss others that tried and didn’t realise our problems. It’ll take a day or three to catch up completely I expect.