About AusClicks & Michael Quinn

AusClicks is a freelance business run by Michael Quinn.

  • Based in Dubbo. Servicing mostly Central West & Orana Region NSW.
  • Occasionally dabble some website design when time permits.
  • BIG fan of local listings and mobile search.
  • Specialise in Internet Marketing, AdWords & SEO.


Michael, with his wife Fiona and family, moved to Dubbo in 2011 from Mildura where they had been based for 8 years. Michael grew up in Broken Hill and has lived in Sydney (three times), Bathurst, and Adelaide before moving to Mildura and then Dubbo.

2021 Update:

Since 2017, Michael has been studying for his Bachelor of Education / Technology so he can start a new career as a High School Teacher in Technology (TAS). As a result of this change in focus, AusClicks has stopped accepting new clients, and mostly winding down relationships with existing clients. We still help and maintain things for a few long-term clients, but can’t take on anything new.

Going forward, AusClicks and this website will be a central hub for our Australian Tourism websites that we have been running since 2003. Plus I hope to blog a bit more about how businesses can raise their profile online with simple local SEO ideas. Ideally, these articles could form the basis for an eBook to help as many as possible.

I mostly work with WordPress now so anytime I find a new trick or tip, I’ll share it here.

Thank you to everyone we worked with the last 20+ years – it was great fun, mostly.


AusClicks worked with other website designers and teams that need a SEO / SEM / AdWords specialist to help fill out their offer to clients. Either in the background as a silent partner, or directly with the client when needed.

Our philosophy is pretty simple – Sensible SEO based on established fundamentals that produce results without calling on any black hat tricks that can hurt your website. Sensible, but effective.

Our Google AdWords Campaigns were focused and to the point. Wherever possible we work with you to show a positive Return On Investment. i.e. – you make more out of the promotion than I make out of you. Pretty simple eh?

AusClicks (est 2010) replaced Mildura Internet (est 2003) which in turn replaced Double Pepperoni (est 1998). A change in focus from Website Design to SEO and Adwords, and a potential (and now fulfilled) move away from Mildura made sense to change the name of the business.

I love working from home as a freelancer and playing part-time Mr Mom to my two daughters.




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