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Google AdWords Marketing

Put your products & services in front of people when they’re searching for them.

  • 89% of Australian’s don’t go past first page of Google search results.
  • AdWords can be the fastest way to get your website on top of page one.
  • Pause & adjust Campaigns anytime. Great for seasonal sales or specials.
  • Set your own daily budget – Pay only for clicks to your website.
  • Accountability – track Goals & Conversions.



AdWords Search

Google AdWords Search Package:

  • AdWords Search Campaign setup with up to 3 products or services.
  • Keyword Research.
  • Negative Keyword list.
  • Targeting and Ad Extensions setup.
  • Google Analytics integration.

BONUS $100 AdWords Credit for new AdWords customers. *

Search Campaign Setup from $349



Google AdWords Display Network:

  • Google Display Network Campaign setup.
  • Targeting options: Interests, Website Placement, Keywords, Remarketing etc.
  • Reach 90% of internet users with Google Display Network.

Display Campaign Setup from $199
Search & Display Campaign Setup Bundle from $499



Google AdWords Monthly Management:

Setting up a Google AdWords Campaign is usually just the beginning. It’s not a “set it and forget it” product – maybe due to it’s very nature. You can’t really go back and change a Yellow Pages ad or a TV ad in a hurry.

Once your AdWords Campaigns are launched, AusClicks offers a monthly management service where we review and optimise your account. Some of these services include:

  • Review & A/B test new Text Ads.
  • Implement Display Campaign & Image Ads.
  • Dynamic Search Campaign implementation & review.
  • New Keywords and Negatives from Search Terms and Opportunities (via Google)
  • Review existing Keywords.
  • Review Ad Extensions.
  • Average Positioning for AdGroups and individual Keywords.
  • Review Goals and Conversions from Google Analytics.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • New Search Terms from SER.
  • Automatic rules & adjustments.
  • Implement new Google AdWords features.

Typically we cycle through most of these on a six monthly cycle – as you can see there is a lot to do. Constant tweaking and optimising should result in more traffic, better qualified traffic, more conversions etc.

Pricing from $149 / month
Pricing from $699 / six month bundle



Existing AdWords Campaign Audit & Editing:

  • Account & Campaign structure setup
  • Review of AdGroups, Keywords & Ads.
  • Keyword matching types and modifiers.
  • Keyword Opportunities and Negative Keywords.
  • Analytics setup & Goals and Conversions.
  • Ad Extensions: Locations, Phone, Sitelinks etc.
  • Enhanced for Mobile.

Pricing from $249 **



How Do Your Customers Search?

  • Keyword Research is about finding actual search terms people enter into search engines.
  • Learn to speak the language your customers use – not industry speak.
  • The right Keyword can mean the difference between 10’s of searches and 1000’s.
  • Our KeyWord Research can be used for optimising websites, AdWords or Articles.
  • Negative Keywords identified – save $$’s every month on Adwords campaigns.


Pricing from $149 ^

  • Top Ten Keywords
  • Keyword Groupings
  • Relative Traffic Numbers
  • Identify Annual Peaks
  • Negative Keyword List


^ Initial Keyword Research included as part of AdWords Campaign setup.


Please don’t use Keyword Research for evil. At all times put readability and usability of your website above Keyword stuffing.


AusClicks can also help with advertising via Facebook, LinkedIn or Bing networks.

Does not include the cost of clicks or advertising (suggested min $10 / day)
Customer responsible for paying own clicks via credit card. Prepaid quarterly billing available.
Pricing based on typical Campaign – 5 AdGroups with 4 Text Ads and 15 Keywords ea.
Additional AdGroups may incur an increased fee.
* Subject to Google approval – must be brand new AdWords customer (< 2 weeks). $100 credit after $25 spend.
** Website Review & SEO Editing of website not included.

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